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Device Bondage – Felony


Orgasmed to near unconsciousness -
-Countdown to Relaunch – 9 of 20

Welcome back the amazing . has a curse or a blessing depending how you look at it. She is multi-orgasmic, she can over and over. This becomes a curse for her in our hands.

Her body can’t stop it, it has no protection. Bound helpless, with a vibrator stuck to her hyper clit, can not stop the orgasms that get ripped from her body.

We always wanted to see what would really happen to a girl made to so many times without stopping the action, so we just left her there, cumming.


We also included behind the scene footage of the aftercare of this scene. If you really want to see what happens when a girl is made to until she is on the verge of unconsciousness, then you need to see this.


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Device Bondage – Ariel


Ariel red head, helpless and loving it.
-Countdown to Relaunch – 10 of 20

Welcome Ariel to Device Bondage, we just happened to see this sexy girl in the hallway, found out she was going to do a Fucking Machines shoot, and booked her on the spot for one scene.

It’s safe to say we will have her back. She is flexible, tough, and sexy. Normally three things that don’t go together in one package. It was a treat watching her process her first bondage scene. How she handled the pain, how her body reacted when we made her . New girls are so fascinating to watch. Foot caning, nipple torture, pussy flogging, and hard Orgasms ripped out her body- not a bad first appearance.



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Device Bondage – Christina Carter



-Countdown to Relaunch – 8 of 20

Device Bondage presents a Super Hero production of “The Orgasm Trap” Starring as Wunder Woman.

A girl is held against her will in an underground bunker and Wunder Woman comes to the rescue. As she grabs the bars of the cage holding the cute prisoner, Wunder Woman is hit with 5000 volts of electricity. Knocked unconscious, Wunder Woman never realizes it was a trap all along.

Now bound to the wall, Wunder Woman is helpless. She is undressed, groped, flogged and humiliated. With a powerful vibrator positioned perfectly on our heroine’s pussy and clit, Wunder Woman will soon face the ultimate of diabolical traps.

Hooked up to 1,000,000 volts of power and a sensor that will detect orgasms, Wunder Woman must fight off the urge to . If she cums a 3rd time, the entire load of electricity will flow through her body. Who knows if even Wonder Women can withstand that much current.

Join know to see the exciting episode: “The Orgasm Trap”


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Device Bondage – Princess Donna Dolore, Isis Love and James Deen


Princess Donna reduced to a common peasant
Countdown to Relaunch-14 of 20

Live Show Mondays brings you part 2 of the June live show that featured Princess Donna, Jame Dean, and sexy co-top .

While we are setting up the next device Princess Donna is bound on her knees to the wall and is “helping”, and by helping we mean making Donna James’s huge cock. Donna struggles at the size of it as James fucks Donna pretty mouth.

Donna is then bound is the classic “fuck me” position, and has no hope for escape. Her huge are cruelly bound with harsh twine. enjoys licking and teasing Donna as the boys, cane and abuse her feet.

James and his cock of thunder then continue to fuck Donna into sub space. Jame is brutal as his huge cock make Donna and and . Donna, cums, squirts, moans, cums, and moans like a common whore, not the Princess we are used to.

Pornstars: , Isis Love and
Download: Pics Included!

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Device Bondage – Ariel X


. Enough said
Countdown to Relaunch-15 of 20

has one of the tightest sexiest bodies one can ever hope to strap down and fuck with. So I do exactly that. A strap over her chest and a strap on her hips. Never has Ariel felt so vulnerable with such little bondage. To perfect this body I hoist her back up into her full potential of a back arch. Some finger fucking to get her wet and ready for whats to come. Her nipples are stretched and she is covered with black clamps, especially on the pussy. Then she is caned and fucked, able to feel every clip shake with every thrust.

Next, Ariel is chained and restrained at a spread. I warm her up with some vicious cattle prodding. I find her weak spots, which is just enough to loosen that . I shove a dick in her and fuck her to near orgasm, then leave her there like a human tripod. I tie her nipples to her toes to keep her still, then it’s time for an old fashion zipper. I flip nine her and nipples until she is ready to give me what I want. Dick in her , I shove another in her pussy and vibe her to orgasm. When I’m done I hoist her up by her arms attached to a crotch chain and watch her agony surface as she kicks and squirms for unattainable relief.

This last one is for me and Ariel, so you’re welcome for being invited. A straight jacket, electric plug and a tie from foot to throat. Any time I jolt her strong enough she can only kick with the leg that will intentionally choke her. A build up that leads to the juice turned all the way up in order for Ariel to . Mission accomplished.

Download: Pics included!

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CumLouder – Two for one on Cum


CumLouder – Two for one on Cum
Added: May 30, 2014






CumLouder – Cum has to come


CumLouder – Cum has to come
Added: July 29, 2014






CumLouder – Cum Zombie


CumLouder – Cum Zombie
Added: April 02, 2014






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