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Remaster – Claire James

Remaster – Claire James – BangBros Remastered – Remastered: Clair
Released: October 29, 2011

Welcome back to Bang Bus Remastered. We got another classic Dirty and Ugs episode for you. Anthony is back in this video as the Italian Fag Pimp. The boys do what they do and eventually come across Clair. She was visiting Miami from the Cali Vally. Little did she know she would get the full dirty tour in the Bang Bus! In no time, the boys had her showing the goods. Laid back, she spread open her fat n’ tasty innie pussy for the world to see. Unlike most girls though, this girl had a complete innie clit too!! No kidding. This thing was so small it was barely visible. With a taco like hers, you’d be stupid not to take a dive inside. Anthony did just that. He dove in and tore it up. He got so into it that he covered her face with his spunk. Little did he know that this was a sign of extreme affection to Clair. Feelings flared and a camera wound up getting broken!! Enjoy!

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BangBros Remaster – Jane

BangBros Remaster – Jane – Remastered
Released: November 02, 2011

Bang Bros Remastered is giving you a sexy Big Mouthfuls this week. It features Jane, one of the sexier girls to grace the early BMFs. Jane wanted Raul’s Tarzan cock bad. She takes his tube steak over and over and still wants more! She lets him stretch her asshole open, hoping to satisfy her horniness. Raul obliges by rocking her ballon knot in various positions. It isn’t until he busts a nut in her mouth that she gets satisfied. Enjoy the sex!

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Whos Your Mama # 21



Cast: Body Love, Justin, Karmela, Lucky Smile, , Richy, ,





BangBros Remaster – Ice La Fox

Ice La Fox – Remastered: Ice, Ice, Baby
Released: January 27, 2012
Oh man what an Ass! Ice La fox can cool a flaming heart with that amazing ass power. She can slay any fool that thinks they can take her on. Ice Lafox is the premier ass in the porn industry. If you don’t believe me take a look at this beautifully remastered piece from the Ass Parade Collection. Makes you want to go back and reminisce about all those times you whacked off to her in front of your computer. Now go watch that ass BOUNCE.
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Remaster – Alex

Remaster – Alex – Remastered: Alex
Released: November 12, 2011

It’s a special day for Bang Bus Remastered. We bring to you the very first REVERSE BANG BUS! The one that started the trend is here for you. As it goes, the boys bring along a friend of theirs, Alex, along for the ride. She wanted to quote, ‘tame that freak side of hers’ by finding some guy out on the streets of Miami and playing him like the girls who came before him. They end up finding some guy called Sunny and the party gets started. Alex teases him good. He out right makes a fool of himself to get some of that pussy! It’s a great watch and you’ll love to jerk your girk to it. Enjoy!

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BangBros Remaster – Tammy


Tammy – Remastered: Baby Mamma Drama
Released: November 26, 2011

Hey tube squeezers! Today’s update is an interesting one. Dirty and Ugly owed Anthony a favor. Anthony, a fan of the site, always wanted to go out on the bus and find some desperate chick to fuck. Dirty and Ugly scooped him up and the hunt was on! no sooner than later, the boys stumble on a sexy little bizza in the projects of all places. They lucked out. Out of all the girls to pick up, they find the sexually frustrated one, in a desperate need for some money. Anthony helps her with one half of her needs. The other? Well, just watch and see.

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BangBros Remaster – Dasani

Dasani – Remastered: Wave Running
Released: December 30, 2011
We got one hell of a classic for ya. Ass Parade alumni Dasani and Michelle are fully remastered for your fucking pleasure, and these bomb assed foxes are just like you remembered; running waves and riding dick! Remember when Dasani offered an UNSTAGED BLOW JOB to the rental guy? Remember when JT fucked her raw? Who wouldn’t?! The epic clam stuffing JT provides is so good, you’ll be trying your hardest not to bust on the sound alone! The instant classic is back baby, and better than ever!!
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Squirting Files – Baby Doll

Squirting Files – Baby Doll – Squirt with Baby Doll
Released: September 19, 2011

Baby Doll needs nothing more but a big cock in her mouth to suck on, and after that a lovely banging. With the curves this ebony beauty has, it is no real challenge to get it for her. So Baby drops herself into the cock-hunting business and in short time, she has what she needs: a good pussy banging fuck until a squirting end.
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BangBros Remaster – Carolyn

Carolyn – Remastered: Carolyn
Released: December 25, 2011
The original bus is back for another weekly Remastered Bang Bros classic. In today’s episode, Sanchez brought along his cousin with him and Ugs. Driving around South Beach, they were on the prowl for some game. Sooner or later they find some ass called Carolyn. She had a kinky nature to her already, but it wasn’t until things got hot that it was confirmed! Javier broke that pussy in, then moved on to ass when she asked for it! The rest is history! Enjoy!
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